The HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillow for plagiocephaly


Due to Head Care PRO SILVER™ the sleeping environment of our children is free from both the deformity risk and harmful bacteria and germs; the biological skin balance is maintained and the hygienic freshness of the pillows is provided through the whole night.
The HeadCare PRO SILVER™ medical pillow has a unique, four- zoned construction which makes it is highly effective in treating head positional deformities. HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows effectively reduce the existing, both mild and moderate head deformities.


The PRO- BREATHE™ system applied in HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows is a revolutionary, hybrid connection of innovative materials with a three – dimensional structure and unique characteristics: HEXA-TECH™ and DREAM-BALL™.


Due to the PRO-BREATHE™ construction, the HeadCare PRO™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly are highly breathable and safe. HeadCare PRO™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly create perfect sleeping conditions for children, providing the feeling of coolness and dryness and creating a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.


Owing to the maximum air permeability, the Head Care PRO™ infant pillows with PRO-BREATHE™ system contribute to SIDS prevention ( Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by:

  • reducing the risk of suffocation
  • reducing the risk of CO2 reinhalation
  • reducing the risk of overheating


The HeadCare PRO™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly are highly practical, hypoallergenic and have anti-allergenic properties. The pillows are quick-dry and can be wash as the standard 60°C white garments washing (without spinning). The antibacterial, cotton cover can be washed at 40°C One if the most useful advantages of the pillows is their “mobility”- they match the most of baby carriage types and can be taken for a walk and a journey.


DREAM-BALL™ fibres, which are found inside the pillows, are specially selected, light, firm and fluffy polyester fibres with lumen. Additionally, the DREAM-BALL™ compound fibres have undergone the process of spiral twist and silicone coating.


Due to the unique construction with the PRO-BREATHE™ system, the medical, antibacterial HeadCare PRO SILVER™ baby pillows for positional deformities are highly resistant to deformations and maintain their qualities and original shape for long. The pillow construction provides the regular level of air circulation, by which it optimises body temperature and humidity level.


HeadCare PRO SILVER™ infant pillows are hygienic, quick-dry and hypoallergenic – all thanks to their unique physicochemical features, high level of air permeability and neutrality towards the human organism. The advanced production methods and the use of best quality materials make HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows an adverse environment for the development of bacteria, mites and other harmful germs.


Remember to choose the right size of Head Care™ pillow. In order to do so, measure the child’s head circumference and weigh them. Head circumference is the most important measurement. The weigh serves the control function. The growth charts below will help you choose a suitable size, and the further, regular measurements will let you choose the models to come.


The HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows and covers are designed for newborns and infants weighing at least 3 kg and with a head circumference of 34 cm. The HeadCare™ pillows and covers are available in three sizes, adjusted to a particular stage of child’s development (the head circumference is the main size choice criterion):


• S for infants with a head circumference from 34 to 39 cm (weight over 3 kg)
• M for infants with a head circumference from 39 to 44 cm (weight over 5 kg)
• L for infants with a head circumference over 44 cm (weight over 8 kg)


The price includes a white, cotton, mesh fabric, highly breathable cover!
The material with unique properties has been designed and ordered especially for the needs of HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows.


Product maintenance:
The pillow filling can be machine-washed at home in the maximum temperature of 60°C, which provides the elimination of germs.
The antibacterial cover can be machine-washed at the temperature of 40°C.

The pillows are made of materials certified with “Öko-Tex 100” and tested by Textile Manufacture Institute and International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology.


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Delivery cost:
Prepayment, courier, EU – from 15 €

Washing instructions:
Pillow filling (100% Polyester): wash in 60°C in a washing bag.
White cover (100% cotton): wash in 40°C.


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