Is plagiocephaly related to torticollis?

Plagiocephaly is very often related to torticollis.85% of children treated for plagiocephaly are also diagnosed with torticollis. If you notice that your child tends to keep his or her head in one position, finds eating from one breast more comfortable than from the other, or…


Torticollis – what is its origin and how can it be cured?

Torticollis can be congenital or acquired. It is usually treated by means of physical therapy. An operation is necessary only in extremely serious cases. If you notice that your child tends to keep his or her head in one position, finds eating from one breast…


What does oligocephaly look like?

In case of oligocephaly, the head is long and narrow – the head’s lengthening from front to back is visible. It is common among premature babies who spent a lot of time in the Intensive Care Units and/or were lying on the side for a…


Why is there so little information concerning infant head deformities?

Indeed, in comparison with other medical issues, it’s difficult to find information regarding infant head deformities. One of the reasons of such state of affairs is the lack of consistency concerning the terminology used in medical literature. The standardisation of terminology is a very important…


When can I expect the results of using HeadCare™ pillow?

The improvement of the head’s shape can be observed after about a dozen days of using the pillow. Everything depends on the flexibility of the head. The earlier you start using HeadCare™ pillow, the sooner will you be able to see the results.


Why is it worth using HeadCare™ pillows as a precaution?

Early intervention gives the best results in the shortest time. The treatment of serious deformities is surely more expensive than their prevention or the treatment of minor skull deformities. Thanks to HeadCare™ pillows, your child’s head starts growing symmetrically. HeadCare™ pillow reduces the pressure of…


I’ve heard that an uneven head is just a cosmetic defect. Is that true?

Unfortunately, many doctors unfairly belittle the problem of head deformities, disregarding numerous syndromes and providing information concerning only the aesthetic aspect of the problem. Parents often hear that “hair will cover everything”. In developed countries the situation is completely different: facts concerning facial skeleton deformities…


My child’s head is uneven! What to do in such a situation?

Many children are born with an abnormally shaped head, which is usually caused by the passage through the narrow birth canal.The shape should improve within six to eight weeks after the birth.If the head remains deformed, you should find out why. First of all, you…