HEAD CARE PRO SILVER™ – Antibacterial pillow for positional plagiocephaly

HEAD CARE PRO SILVER – the effective plagiocephaly prevention + antibacterial protection!


Through constant research and the development of new, top quality products, HEAD CARE™ has become the leader of the orthopaedic plagiocephaly infant pillow market.


The latest product under the HEAD CARE™ brand is the innovative HeadCare PRO™ infant pillow for plagiocephaly, with the PRO-BREATHE™ ventilation system and the advanced, antibacterial Silver Protection™ layer, including the ions of silver, based on the patented Sanitized® technology.


Therefore, the HeadCare PRO SILVER™ positional deformities pillow sets a new direction towards the improvement of safety, comfort and providing infants with unique hygiene.


All versions of the orthopaedic HeadCare PRO SILVER™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly can have both a precautionary purpose- preventing the occurrence of positional flattening, and the accelerating function- shortening the head shape normalization process, reducing the contact pressure of the surface on the flexible head, which is the major cause of positional deformities. HEAD CARE™ pillows are perfect in the treatment of the already existing head deformities, such as positional plagiocephaly, dolichocephaly or brachycephaly.


Apart from its primary, orthopaedic function, the orthopaedic HeadCare pillow for plagiocephaly, in PRO SILVER™ version has unique antibacterial features (“ SILVER” mark) as well as high level of air permeability and hygiene (“PRO” mark).



The innovative, antibacterial HeadCare PRO SILVER™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly effectively stop bacteria, fungi and mould as well as reduce the unpleasant smell by the use of ions of silver.


Due to Head Care PRO SILVER™ the sleeping environment of our children is free from harmful bacteria and germs, the biological skin balance is maintained and the hygienic freshness of the pillows is provided through the whole night.


The ions of silver applied in the HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows are completely safe for children, and their antibacterial and healing properties have been well- known and used from centuries.


The patented SANITIZED® Silver technology:
– is the best available, advanced, highly effective antibacterial and antifungal technology
– fights bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae
– is highly resistant to washing
– is not nanotechnology
– received Oeko- Tex Standard 100 and Bluesign® certificates
– is fully harmless for people and the natural environment
– it is impossible for bacteria to acquire resistance to it.


The ions of silver present in the Silver Protection™ antibacterial coating are capable of getting through to the bacterial cells and stop their ability to replicate.


The Sanitized® Silver coating applied in HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows works better than antibiotics, as bacteria have no possibility to mutate and do not become resistant to the ions of silver present in it.


Antibacterial HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows for plagiocephaly:
– effectively prevent the occurrence of unpleasant smells
– provide a reliable, scientifically proven protection against bacteria, fungi and mould
– are bacteriostatic and hypoallergenic
– have extended durability (fibre protected by ions of silver)
– maintain the biological balance of a child’s skin
– provide high hygiene level
– are highly resistant to washing
– are safe for skin and the environment
– the external coating is dermatologically tested




The exclusive, four- zoned construction of the HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillow for plagiocephaly provides fast air circulation, effective moisture removal and optimal body temperature, leaving the pleasant feeling of warmth and freshness.

The pillow is made of hardened fibres, which guarantees maintaining its proper shape.

PRO-BREATHE™ is an innovative ventilation system acquired by a hybrid construction consisting of several zones varying in structure and properties.


Due to the zones of increased ventilation level, spacer and absorbing layers, the PRO-BREATHE™ system provides the optimal air circulation and effective moisture removal.

PRO-BREATHE™ system consists of:
– ventilation zones responsible for instant air circulation
– spacer layers with increased ventilation
– shock-absorbing zones with increased ventilation
– moisture absorbing layers


Having the maximum air permeability, HeadCare PRO™ and HeadCare PRO SILVER™ infant pillows contribute to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) prevention, by:
– reducing the risk of suffocation
– reducing the risk of CO2 reinhalation
– reducing the risk of overheating



HeadCare PRO™ infant pillows are truly hygienic, quick-dry, antistatic and hypoallergenic- all thanks to their unique physicochemical features, high level of air permeability, neutrality towards the human organism and an additional antibacterial coating with the ions of silver.

The advanced production methods and the use of innovative materials with the ions of silver make HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows an extremely adverse environment for the development of bacteria, mites and other harmful germs.


The HeadCare PRO SILVER™ pillows for plagiocephaly are easy to clean, can be machine- washed at home, as the standard 60°C white garments washing (without spinning).


All versions of orthopaedic HeadCare PRO™ pillow are mostly practical and can be used not only in a baby bed but also in a carriage (having an additional absorbing function in it), can be taken everywhere, including a journey, providing a child’s optimal head position while sleeping and resting.


HeadCare PRO SILVER ™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly are produced in the territory of the European Union and are made of certified materials suitable for contact with small children, tested by Textile Manufacture Institute and International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology: “Safe for Children”, “Safe for Infants:, “Öko-Tex 100”.



The HeadCare PRO™ infant pillows for plagiocephaly are medical devices and meet the requirements enumerated in the Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and the Act of 20 May 2016 on Medical Devices.


Specialists reccomend the use of HeadCare PRO™ infant pillows especially for children who were observed to have head deformities being the consequence of lying in one position for an extended period of time or for those who are in the risk of developing head deformities as a result of a long- lasting, unchanged supine position.


Since 1990, there has been a significant (sixfold) increase of deformational plagiocephaly diagnostics. It is associated with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations concerning placing healthy infants on the back for sleeping, so as to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).


Back sleeping facilitates the occurrence of head deformities, yet the risk of SIDS is obviously a far more serious problem. Since infants should be placed on their back both for night and nap time from the first days of life, it is recommended to use the HeadCare™ pillows as a precaution in order to prevent head deformities.


(source: Persing J, James H, SawnsonJ, Kattwinkel J. Prevention and Management of Positional Skull Deformities in Infants. Pediatrics Vol. 112 No. 1 July 2003, pp. 199-202)