YourGroup is a manufacturer of best quality, innovative products for pregnant women and newborn children.

Thanks to their projects, products, and services, YourGroup is a reliable partner offering innovative solutions in every field of their activity.

As we are aware that the product’s quality and safety are the factors which determine both the Customer’s satisfaction and the modern company development, we decided to base the management of our company on Quality Management System according to the standard:




For our company, quality is the key aspect and our main principle is to improve our services and products constantly.

We constantly improve the quality of our work as well as we optimise our projects and products so that they fulfil the essential requirements enumerated in the Council Directive 93/42/EEC.



Our company offers specialised Head Care™ orthopaedic pillows for children which prevent the occurrence and development of various skull deformities in newborn children.Head Care™ orthopaedic pillows help correct the existing mild and moderate head deformities.The child’s head resting on the pillow develops in an optimum way, freely and naturally reaching its normal shape.

Head Care™ pillows for children are produced in the European Union, using only tested and certified materials, fulfilling the most restrictive safety standards.Head Care™ pillows can be also used by allergic children.

We do our best to constantly develop and improve the quality of our products as if they were made for our own children.We are proud of being able to help children around the world.