Why is it worth using HeadCare™ pillows as a precaution?

Early intervention gives the best results in the shortest time. The treatment of serious deformities is surely more expensive than their prevention or the treatment of minor skull deformities. Thanks to HeadCare™ pillows, your child’s head starts growing symmetrically. HeadCare™ pillow reduces the pressure of the head on the surface, eliminating the cause of the deformity. The head resting on HeadCare™ pillow grows in a regular way, the child feels comfortable, the pillow stabilises the supine position, which reduces the risk of SIDS.

According to the test on 102 healthy infants (Stellwagenet al., 2008), it was found out that most infants show mild or moderate asymmetry of facial skeleton and that one out of six infants has torticollis. The researchers also suggested that many newborn babies are simply undiagnosed. One of the main reasons of that situation is the fact that parents consult a specialist only with severe cases and specialists sometimes ignore such deformities. Hence, it is worth using HeadCare™ pillow as a precaution from the first days of the child’s life.