My son was born in October 2015 with a sweet round head – I would never imagine that, because of lying flat it can get so deformed.

My son loved sleeping on his back, and finally, in his 4 month, I saw his head becoming flat on the back and I kind of ignored it, I said he would lie on his side for some time and it will get better. But people started to tell me more and more often that he’s got a “pancake” on the back of his head.

I got really worried about it and I started surf the Internet reading about the future problems such as the forehead shifting to the front. I was looking for some help there, but all I found was just helmets and dark scenarios. Then, by coincidence, I came across Head Care. I typed its name on Facebook and started reading mom’s opinions. I decided to buy a pillow for my boy…today I can clearly say, that it has been the best investment for my baby.

My son liked the pillow straight away. We take it everywhere: to bed, to his carriage, car seats, etc. He’s 8 months now and his head is pretty, round. Thanks to it I know that my baby develops well and will never have experience hard times from peers because of deformed head. Now everyone who meets me asks what we did and I say what a great we bought and I will always recommend it to every parent.

Mom of 8 month-old Aleks