Hello. I’m a mom ow twins, our Head Care adventure started about 1,5 month ago.

We noticed together with my husband, that our baby daughter Helen keeps preferring her left side, after placing her on her right side, she always kept coming back to her favourite position. We’ve also noticed that her head starts to become flat in that place. We talked about it with our paediatrician, who marginalized the problem saying we’re all asymmetrical.

We didn’t back down and went to a physical therapist, who recommended Head Care pillow to us.

Helen accepted her new pillow without fussing, and all we can see is the improvement in her head shape.

We didn’t expect that the effect will be visible so quickly! Since we care about our children’s health, we’ re going to buy the Head Care pillow for our second daughter as well.

Thank you, Head Care :)

Magdalen Pola’s and Helenka’s mom