Why does my doctor recommend that my child should sleep on the back on hard surface without a pillow?

Some doctors do not know HeadCare™ pillow and recommend sleeping on flat surface, without a pillow. They are referring to traditional pillows, used by adults.In such commonly used pillows, the child’s head “drowns”, which leads to overheating, among others.The use of regular pillows significantly increases the risk of SIDS– Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The preventive HeadCare™ pillow has been designed to stabilise the supine position, so, in contrast to ordinary pillows, it reduces the risk of SIDS.

HeadCare™ pillow used for back sleeping distributes the heat thanks to breathable materials and the hole which returns the heat perfectly. HeadCare™ pillow allows the child to move his or her head freely to both sides.Unlike other pillows, thanks to its innovative construction, HeadCare™ pillow lets the child breathe easily.

HeadCare™ pillow gently snuggles around the child’s head, creating a pleasant feeling, similar to the sensation of being in mother’s womb.