How can I find out if my child has plagiocephaly? How can I notice facial asymmetry?

Frequently, parents simply have a feeling that the child’s face doesn’t look well.An easy method to find the flattening is to place your child on your lap and watch his or her head from above. This way you can observe the sides of the flattening, take a look at the ears and decide if and which ear is protruding, and which is turned backward. Also, check the position of the baby’s forehead and determine whether it corresponds to the moved ear. In plagiocephaly, the head’s shape resembles a parallelogram, the ear and the forehead are extended forward on the same side. You need to remember about other flattening types as well, e.g. brachycephaly or oligocephaly. Each of these deformities can be eliminated by HeadCare™ pillows.