Our Rados had the tendency to turn his head right form the very beginning. Nothing was helpful. We tried putting him on both sides, we placed interesting objects on the left side, we put a wedged- pillow on his right side to stabilize his head. We even blocked it with two blankets to keep it straight.

Our methods were of no use and the head got flat on the right side. While looking for help on the Internet I found Head Care site, read some opinions, looked through the photos of kids on Facebook and decided to order the pillow.

At first, we bought the M size, turned out to be comfortable. During the first night Rados didn’t wake up even once. He gladly turned his head both sides, even to his neglected left side. Day after day we began to see his head looked better. When Rados grew out of the M- sized pillow, we ordered the L size. The head looks good now and, what’s most important, he doesn’t place his head only on the right, even without the pillow.

Thank you for helping our sonny boy.