My child’s head is uneven! What to do in such a situation?

Many children are born with an abnormally shaped head, which is usually caused by the passage through the narrow birth canal.The shape should improve within six to eight weeks after the birth.If the head remains deformed, you should find out why.


First of all, you need to know if the deformity is positional (basic diseases of that type include:plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and oligocephaly), caused by the constant pressure of hard surface on the head, or if it is the condition called craniosynostosis. A correct diagnosis is a must and should be provided by a qualified specialist.



Craniosynostosis is an infrequent disorder (0.0005% ratio for infants) and can occur before or after the birth, in the first month of life. Craniosynostosis is a severe condition which may be related to the intense intracranial pressure and numerous disorders:visual, auditory, learning difficulties, etc.

In order to get a diagnosis always consult a specialist! If the midwife’s or paediatrician’s opinion seems dubious to you, find another experienced specialist. The doctor should be knowledgeable about positional deformities and should give a firm diagnosis.

If your child is diagnosed with positional flattening, remember to make sure if it is not related to torticollis. If you have noticed that your child turns his or head always to one side, protests when you want to change this, or that his or her neck rotation is limited, ask your family doctor for advice. If torticollis is confirmed, you should be referred to a physical therapist for further examination and treatment.

Your reaction should be as quick as possible, early diagnosis is necessary for successful treatment!