LILIANKA – we honestly recommend

„…Our baby Lilianka is now 12 months. Since birth she’s been sleeping on her right side. After a few weeks we saw that her head was getting flat in that place. We started to worry, the doctors calmed us down, said it would pass when she starts to lie on her tummy and sit. After a while she began to sleep on the left side and straight as well sadly the flattening didn’t disappear. Then I started to search for opinions and advice on the Internet. This way I came across website. Without giving it much thought I ordered the M size pillow, which was with us in the UK after only four days. The pillow is really pretty and neat and Lilianka liked it from the first time. We’ve been using it for almost two weeks and I’m slowly beginning to see that her head is getting to round. I was also positively surprised by the fact that it doesn’t pull hair. Since now every nap or night on a mattress there were from a few to several Lilicia’s hairs, which caused a bald area on the back of her head. Since she started sleeping on the pillow I didn’t find a single hair on it. We fully recommend”