KATE – Head Car eis the end of head asymmetry problem

„The doctors who we visited from birth assured us that there was no problem, and it will get back to normal. Unfortunately, despite our conscious care, the problem got worse. Kate would continuously positioned herself into a “banana” shape.

Since around 4 month of Kate’s life we discovered that her head becomes uneven, because of which a face asymmetry appeared- one eye looks smaller, one ear sticking out more, the forehead is bulged. The doctors and therapists again guaranteed that there was no problem and the head will look better when the child starts to sit. In that time we struggled with exercising, unfortunately the asymmetry happened to be persistent.

While reading more about this problem we found Head Care. And I’m convinced that we owe it the end of the head asymmetry issue. Since we started to use the pillow, around the 5 month of life- the head shape and facial features quickly evened. The pillow was accepted with no problem to sleeping in bed and in the carriage.

Thank you