IZA AND EMILIA – head perfectly round thanks to HEAD CARE

„Our HEAD CARE pillow adventure started two years ago because our older daughter preferred right head position since birth. When Emilia finished 2 months, after some time I notices a small head flattening on the right side.

During the health centre vaccination visit, we showed her head to the doctor, he ordered turning her head to the other side and placing cotton diapers under her.

It didn’t bring any effects, because the little one kept turning her head right. After some time we found with horror that the flattening progressed.

While looking for some advice concerning this problem on the Internet I got into and immediately bought the pillow, due to which my daughter’s head is now perfectly round.

When I found out that mi sister’s expecting, the first gift for me was the Head Care pillow, because I can’t imagine for her not to use it preventively and now, when I have a 3-week-old little one myself, the first thing I thought about while preparing to her coming to the world was the Head Care pillow. My daughter has slept on it from her first days, not to let the story of my first daughter repeat. :) and her head will be round:)

There’s nothing more important than prevention and I recommend this pillow to everybody who’s having a baby.:)

Anna L.”