I’m a mom of 7-month-old Ola, who was already born with her head deformed. We’ve noticed this deformity after a month, placing on sides didn’t work.

Despite the doctors’ and physical therapist reassuring that the head keeps growing and will reach its shape, after three months we didn’t see any effects. By surfing the Web looking for help for Ola I came across Head Care site and bought the pillow straight away, without hesitating.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t know about Head Care before- if I had, Ola would probably sleep on it as soon as in the hospital:). It didn’t take long to see the results, even though for me it was forever, and soon I just stopped paying attention to it…

After a month of using the pillow I got a beautiful Christmas gift- a perfect, round head of my girl.

I can’t imagine what could have happen without the help of the pillow.

I recommend it with full confidence…

Thank you so much.

P.S.: We’re still using the pillow and we’ll keep on doin’ it as long as possible.

All the best, Ola’s mom”